Double Your Real Estate Business

Want Three Ways You Can Double Your Business in the Next 12 Months?

In every business, there are a few key items that must be perfected for that business to grow and thrive. This is no different for real estate agents, even though most agents don’t think of themselves as business people. Unfortunately, that is why nearly 80% of all agents quit within the first couple years as an agent- they simply look at their career as another job. That is the exactly wrong mindset, and will get you

The Key: Create Systems Around Your Goals & Objectives!

By implementing systems and creating a structure for your business, and attracting the right clients and leads, you could double or triple your income while working fewer hours. When it comes down to business, there are only three ways to increase revenue. This is done in a few ways, and on the next page there is a basic diagram that illustrates this. You simply need to either get more clients, or increase what is called the “Customer Lifetime Value” of each of your clients. Doing this will result in huge increases in your business in record time. The challenge most agents and small business owners have is finding the time and resources to conduct this process, and of course that is why you are still reading this quick guide. I am going to show you a few ways you can do this. For now, let’s look at the three ways to increase your business revenue immediately. You can:

  • Increase the number of clients you have each month or year
  • Increase the transaction size of each client
  • Increase the number of transactions for each client
three business builders

How does this apply to you?

Let’s take a look:


You can see here that in the first block we have a certain number of prospects that we reach out to each month. If you are a typical agent selling a typical house, you might get one closing per month at an average profit of $3,000. Simply by doubling your efforts, working harder, getting more leads, listings, and closings, you can double or triple that amount, but at what cost? Instead of working 40 hours each week, you are now working 60 or 80 hours. Not a good quality of life, wouldn’t you agree?

In the next set, we increase the transaction size by selling more expensive homes. This might be possible if you step up your game, position yourself better, and only focus on that market. The saying “Riches in Niches” comes to mind. You can again increase the number of listings and closings you get, which might result in working more, and therefore increase your income dramatically. Remember that positioning for a higher value client does cost more, so your expenses will increase, but they are also better at referring more clients, so you may end up working less on prospecting, and more on cultivating relationships here.

The final block illustrates what happens when you laser-focus on your ideal client who wants to buy more properties per month or year, which allows you to provide them with better care and service. These are your investors, banks, developers, etc. who have a need for high volume. Their transaction sizes can vary, but they generally need a better deal than your retail buyer. You won’t need to increase the amount of time worked here in the long run, but you will need to produce results. You need to be positioned for that as well, and provide a great service, but this means you get more closings per client, thus increasing your revenue dramatically.

Hopefully this gives you a great idea on how you can start increasing your yearly income and position yourself for greater business success and prosperity. By focusing on the right markets, and the right clients, you can then produce greater results. Further, if you create the right type of systems that allow you to automate or delegate more, you can accomplish all of this in half the time! Imagine someone coming to you, finding out about you, raising their hand and saying they want to be a client, and only after doing all of their research and pre-qualifying themselves, speak with you!

Three Strange Real Estate Investing Techniques That Work!

You Found it…

Becoming a real estate investor is the dream of many Americans. Whether you have been watching the Home and Garden shows that make investing in real estate look sexy, or simply know it is the best way to create a passive portfolio, you got hooked!

Becoming a Wealthy Real Estate Investor is Many Americans’ Dream!

I have had some success, and some failure over the years in real estate investing. I only knew a few ways to make money in real estate. Since I don’t want you to do the same thing I did, here are…

Three  Strange (Yet Highly Profitable) Ways to Invest In Real Estate Without Ever Seeing a Property!

You know that having another stream of income (or several) is the best way to build wealth, but you just don’t know how to get started…

Until now!

Most people fail at real estate straight out of the gate because they drink the Kool-Aid and think it is simply another easy way to riches.

buying property

I did.

In fact, in 2003 I bought my first property, but it wasn’t until 2007 that I thought I could make it a career…

Bad timing to say the least!

I lost my shirt, and had to start from scratch, so I figured I ought to learn how to invest in real estate in a way that wouldn’t cost me everything.


That’s when I discovered these three powerful investment strategies that most “gurus” aren’t talking about, which is why I want to share them with you today!

These strategies have been used by countless millions of people throughout history…

People like J.P. Morgan, Warren Buffet, and even the Beverly Hillbillies!

So what makes these strategies so appealing?

Simple…you don’t even need to see the property to get started!

This means no painful sales process for you…

Older Man Sitting on Beach

No hammer and nails…

No contractor licenses…

No ongoing maintenance…

No tenants….

No midnight wake-up calls for repairs…

Virtually no ongoing involvement at all!

Of course this is because we are shifting away from you investing all of your time, and instead using a resource that is much more readily available…

And renewable!

Your Cash!

Time to think of real estate investing like you would any other investment…

You INVEST your money, not your time, blood, sweat, and tears like so many others laying in the real estate investor graves right now.

You simply find a reputable person to put your money with, and then start using these strategies as an alternative investment vehicle.

This way you can diversify your portfolio even further, and maybe, just maybe, hedge your losses and amplify your gains even better!

So, what are these strategies?

Let’s see, shall we…

growth1. Bank on the Land!

This strategy, actually called “Land Banking” is a way for a person to buy property that has yet to be developed. This goes to Will Rogers’ saying, “Buy land…they aren’t making anymore of it!”

It might seem strange to discuss just buying property outright with nothing on it that will make money, especially when I just said you don’t need a thorough understanding of the whole buying and profiting aspect of real estate!

However, Land Banking refers to a way for a group of investors to buy a very large amount of land in what is considered the “Path of Progress.”

Simply put, you are banking on the fact that the city, town, or rural area will eventually start or continue developing in a certain direction, and investors simply buy the land well ahead of this progression.

The beauty of land banking is that there is really no ongoing expense other than property taxes, which are generally very low since there is nothing on the property.

Then, as developers come in and start building apartments, housing complexes, strip malls, industrial and commercial buildings, etc., you will be poised to profit.

In many cases, the land gets sold to a developer who sees the potential as well, but only once he/she knows the land can be developed for a profit.

At this point you sell the property for a nice profit and simply let someone else do the heavy lifting.

As an example, say you purchased 5% of a 100 Acre property for $25k five years ago.

Today a developer comes in and wants to purchase all 100 Acres for $2 Million.

Since the total purchase price was originally $500k ($25k x 20 Investors at 5% each), the investment just gave a 400% return in 5 years, or 80% per year!

Of course many opportunities might take longer than this to develop or not return such a high rate, but you get the point.

2. The Land Beneath the Land

Another interesting strategy is to own the land and everything else under the surface of the property.

Yes, believe it or not this is a thing.

Most people aren’t aware that there are valuable resources underneath their land that many companies are willing to pay for.

In fact, several oil and gas drilling companies don’t actually own the physical property where they drill. The instead purchased the land’s…


This simply means the owner of the mineral rights gets to extract whatever is under the surface (usually crude oil or natural gas), and will pay the land owner for the privilege of doing so.

However, a cool strategy for you would be to purchase the mineral rights in an area where drillers already found lucrative minerals or resources, and then sell the rights to a drilling company on a royalty basis.

It isn’t uncommon for mineral rights investors to earn 18% per year for several years, even decades, without ever needing to do any of the work!

This is exactly how the Beverly Hillbillies got their fortune! Of course you won’t have to shoot a bullet in the ground to make money doing this!

3. Be the Banker!

Of these three strategies, this is the least bizarre way to profit in real estate, but quite possibly the most lucrative.

When the average person thinks about buying any type of real estate, the first place they turn for financing is a bank, right?

What if you could become that bank for someone else?

You would be able to get a good return on your money and help someone else out in the process!

In fact, the PRIVATE LENDING world has grown dramatically since 2008.

One study shows that the market is already at $5.5 Billion (yes, with a ‘B’), and growing (84% year over year growth compared to 2% for traditional/commercial lending growth).

With the JOBS Act of 2012 and Crowdfunding coming into play, this market could rise to $1 Trillion in the next few decades!

As a private lender, you simply replace the bank, and use your money to fund a purchase and possibly repairs on a property.

The easiest way to do this is to find a qualified mortgage broker and let them know you have money to lend, and let them do the rest.

In fact, many private lenders will make 8-12% per year on their money, and the mortgage broker will make the “points” on the loan for creating the relationship.

This way everyone wins!

Of course you could lend directly to an individual if you want, in which case you’d need a Promissory Note completed, and all the necessary documents just like a bank.

If you decide to go this route, always use an attorney or escrow agent to make the transaction.

This way you will be protected, your money will be secured properly with a mortgage, and the borrower will have very clear guidelines on how to pay you back.


So there you have it! Three Strange ways to invest in real estate without ever seeing, touching, or working on a property!

And here you thought you had to open an account at Home Depot and start perfecting your hammer swing!

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The Future of Retirement

The Future of Retirement is Here! Are You Ready?

On September 15th, 2008, the world of finance changed. If you are reading this right now, you likely remember everything that has happened since then, but you may not understand the significance of that date.

On that fateful day in September 2008, Lehman Brothers, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected investment banks, FAILED! The bank had to close its doors, sell off its assets, and declared bankruptcy. Thousands lost their job, and the landscape of Wall Street and finances changed forever.

Worse yet, however, was that the US Economy shrank significantly, and the world collectively lost $12.8 Trillion! That is the equivalent of the United States shuttering its doors, and no one receiving a paycheck until October this year!

Further, the way Americans starting thinking about their future shifted dramatically. A peer of mine, Ross, was gearing up for retirement at that time, and was normally a jovial individual, simply happy to be alive.

In October 2008, he had a different demeanor altogether. It turned out that he had just received his 401k statement in the mail the day prior, and the news was anything but pleasant. His portfolio had taken a 40% decline in the course of two months, and his employee stock had fallen by over 90% as well!

To say he was depressed was an understatement. His years of sobriety nearly went up in flames as we talked that day. I have never seen someone’s mood shift so drastically in such a short period of time.

It was almost like seeing a close friend the day after their spouse passed away. It was utterly depressing, and all I could do was feel sorry for him.

It turned out that Ross had to extend his working years by seven additional years! He was prepared to retire in 2009, and to this day he is still working, trying to recoup those massive losses!

Unfortunately, Ross isn’t alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the largest working population right now is comprised of Baby Boomers, the people who should be gearing up for retirement, if they aren’t already retired! This of course has major downstream effects on our economy and work force, but that is a story for another day!

This is indicative of an even greater problem: our Retirement System is Broken!

According to other studies:

•    80% of workers 30-54 will not have enough money to retire…ever! (Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute)
•    63% of retired individuals are completely reliant on the government, friends, family, or charity to support their quality of life! (Statistic Brain Research Institute)
•    1/3 of all Americans have no money saved for retirement…at all! (Federal Reserve)
•    By 2037, the Social Security system will be bankrupt! (Social Security Trustee Report)

Given these statistics, is it any wonder why so many people fear (and completely avoid) the thought of retirement? Retirement planning has become one of those “taboo” phrases one ought not to mention in public!

I’m here to tell you there is a different and better way to plan for your future. My book, The Ultimate Guide to Self Directed Investing & Retirement Planning outlines a new way of thinking about retirement…one that isn’t reliant on anyone other than you to prepare for your future!

The premise is simple: Don’t plan on getting a single red cent from anyone else the day you plan to stop working! If you ask yourself that question, how does it change the conversation in your mind?

The first comment most people make when I suggest that idea is, “Well that’s why I have  a financial planner, and I have a good one!”

Well today, in 2015, most people have this false belief that their financial planner is good. Most people also held that belief in 1996 and again in 2007. Unfortunately, we seem to have a very limited capacity for recalling what our thoughts and beliefs were prior to a cataclysmic event such as the Great Recession!

I want you to question your assumptions about what you know, and recall where you learned these ideas. Did you learn how to plan for your retirement from your “financial planner”? If so, what bias do you think he or she might have had in educating you?

Instead, just assume the market is going to drop by at least 30% again (or more) in the next few years. Did your financial planner get you out of the market before it dropped last time? What chances do you stand of getting out before the fall next time?

I want you to start asking yourself, “How can I prepare for my retirement knowing that neither I nor my financial planner can predict the markets?”

If you begin with that question in mind, the conversation starts taking on a new dimension, and opens doors to unlimited possibilities!

Five Retirement Killers

Dead on Arrival…

A Snowball’s Chance in Hell…

Doomed for Failure!

Your chance for getting a date with that bombshell in the corner?


But I’m referring to something far more important and everlasting…

Your Financial Future!

Whereas you’ve had that bombshell giving you the cold shoulder on your mind all night, your Retirement Strategy probably hasn’t crossed your mind in a while.

If you’re like most Americans, you have a 24% chance of actually having all the assets you need to live the lifestyle you want during retirement.

Why is that?

Because we have become masters at instant gratification and short term thinking. We are good at jumping on the bandwagon when everything is riding high, but forget to jump and take shelter when headed for a land mine!

buying property

In fact, you’re retirement strategy is likely doomed for failure, and will be dead on arrival when it’s time to hang up the spurs.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the country on their strategy.

Everyone from millionaires with too much money and no idea what to do with it to broke widows living on Social Security and no money in the bank.

Each of these people has fallen victim to what I like to refer to as the

Retirement Killers!

Now there isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of retirement killer out there. In fact, there are seven. However, if you don’t know which one is gunning for you, then you are in for a whirlwind retirement that will kill your hopes and dash your dreams faster than seeing the Bombshell’s boyfriend showing up as you’re making your move!

Ignorantia Juris Non Excusat

Ignorance of the Law Excuses Not!

The fact is that most people go through their days focusing on what they should make for dinner, what their boss thinks of their performance, that jerk that cut them off in traffic, etc.

They remain ignorant to forces beyond their control or the need to understand them. Over time this ignorance transforms into interest, and eventually into a need or desire to take action. Except…

Older Man Sitting on Beach

It’s Too Late Now!

By ignorance of the law, I’m referring to the fact that most people ignore what their future may hold, how much money they will need, or even what they want their life to look like. Sometimes this ignorance shields itself by one of these other killers, but the fact remains that ignorance is the single biggest retirement killer around.

growthConversely, when people think about their future, they think, “Hell, I’ve got all the time in the world to prepare!”

As a result of NOT spending time thinking about their future, they delay the inevitable, and then end up making rash decisions again to catch up.

Not the way to play the retirement game. Time isn’t on your side here, so don’t delay and get started today!



I’m not referring to the interest you earn at the bank…

I’m actually referring to the interest in your future, and desire to make it better. Sure, we all give lip service to our future, but unfortunately most people don’t have enough interest to make educated decisions to get them where they want to be.

Their interest is on getting a promotion, going on that vacation, buying that house or car, etc.

The interest in their lifestyle 10, 20, or even 30 years from now is so limited they won’t take the necessary steps to plan and educate themselves…

Their interest is virtually nonexistent!

(then again maybe it is the same as the interest at the bank!)

“Woe is Me” Mentality

Also known as the victim mentality.

How often do you hear something about the economy, the markets, those greedy banks who took everyone’s money, etc. etc.?

It is a challenge for most people to accept the fact that they are truly in charge of their financial destiny. Much easier to point the finger and place the blame.

But where does that leave you?

You can blame Madoff, Bernanke, Congress, your parents, or anyone you like, but in the end it is still your life. Most people don’t like hearing this because it rings too true…

And because it reminds them of their own shortcomings!

It is also the reason people suffer from the fifth Retirement Killer…

The Principal-Agent Problem

This issue arises when we hand off responsibility of our decisions to someone else, and expect them to act on our behalf.

In the world of retirement planning, this results in handing over the reins of our money, insurance, and some of the biggest financial decisions of our lives to someone else who we believe is better equipped to make those decisions for us.

As a result, when something goes wrong, we can blame the “agent” for the issue (aka broker, planner, advisor, etc.), and essentially wash our hands of the bad decision.

However, the agent still gets paid, and you still lose.

Better to learn how to take responsibility rather than place blame, wouldn’t you agree?

“But it’s hard, complicated, and takes too much time!” I hear people exclaim constantly

Of course, that’s not really the truth…it’s just what we’ve been conditioned to believe and think.

Oh, and if you you try investing in mutual funds and use that model, then yes, it is far too complicated…by design!

How to Reverse the Curse

After you’ve figured out which one (or several) retirement killers you’ve been a victim of, you need to figure out how to reverse course and fix the cause.

To do this, here is my simple four-step system for creating a strategy that will put you on the right path:


Think about what you want your ideal lifestyle to look like when you retire, and start thinking backwards.

How much income will you need? Where will you live? What quality of life do you desire?

This helps give you a retirement goal or income to shoot for. Believe it or not, it is generally a lot less than most people think, but most people never think about it.


Yes, you will need to spend some time learning how to invest and how to save money on everything including taxes, mortgages, credit cards, etc.

One of the smartest moves to make is to start a business of some sort, no matter how small, so you can start sheltering a lot of your money from taxes.

Oh, and stop trading and start investing…traders get raked over the coal with taxes.

Additional Opportunity.

Most people hand over their money to a planner and suffer from the “Park and Pray” syndrome where they just hope the market will always go up.

We know this doesn’t happen, so stop pretending it will!

Start diversifying your portfolio with additional investment opportunities.

You can use private lending, real estate, alternative investments, etc. as a start, and grow from there. Just educate yourself before you make the move.

A simple idea is to invest for the long term in companies that pay dividends and have a record of increasing those dividends.

I bought my first rental property at 21 because I was hung over watching an infomercial one Saturday morning, and in my stupor thought this would be a good way to deal with my debt burdens. Since then I’ve never considered using just one investment approach!


The majority of Americans focus all of their time in their own little world, and never really expand their own personal beliefs.

As a result, they remain stuck in the same patterns that have held them their entire lives!
Don’t make this mistake. Mix it up a little bit and start learning from others.

It wasn’t until I met my first 8-figure mentor that I started thinking about all the possibilities available to me, and now I coach her $50,000 clients!

This type of thing never happens if you remain in your comfort zone and stick to old beliefs.
So get out there, learn what is available to you, spend some time outside of your comfort zone, and start to grow!

You won’t only grow as an individual, but you’ll expand your net worth in the process! Who knows, maybe that bombshell in the corner is a great place for you to start your networking after all?

Yes, that is the PLAN Method. Just remember to PLAN, and you will be on the right track to creating lasting wealth and freedom.

Want to know more?

Click Here to find out how you can get Jeff’s book for just the cost of shipping so you can start to invest differently, build wealth faster, and avoid these five retirement killers completely!

Protecting Your Future

When my grandparents retired in the 1980s, they couldn’t have been happier. Yes, the economy was crazy, and prices were rising, but when aren’t they? My grandparents knew they had a long life ahead of them full of fun and adventure!

I still remember viewing endless hours of home videos they recorded while driving countless miles in Alaska in hopes of seeing a Grizzly Bear or Moose! Needless to say, if they ever did encounter one, either the battery or VHS tape had exhausted long before then.

I remember wondering what it was they did all day, every day during those years I was growing up. They were both available to come watch our baseball games, take us out for ice cream, and generally spoil us rotten.

That was then…

My grandfather was a World War II veteran, and my grandmother a lifelong Bank of America employee. Both received pensions and Social Security when they retired, and had more than enough money to cover the bills each month. They lived modestly and didn’t have large amounts of debt, so they could afford those annual trips to Alaska, Montana, and anywhere else Grandpa could tow that old Prowler!

People still yearn for those retirement years when they can spoil their grandchildren and explore the world they never had time to when they were working.

Unfortunately, It’s a New Era!

Anymore it isn’t uncommon for people to work until they are 70, 75, or even 80 years old to support their lifestyle! Inflation continues to plague our every purchase, and people on fixed incomes find they have less to look forward to than their parents.

A recent study shows that Social Security will be bankrupt by 2037, and the costs of keeping up with disability insurance will far outpace the revenue in years to come. As a result, anyone who is hoping for a truly “Golden” retirement like my grandparents enjoyed is sorely mistaken.

In order to live a life of freedom and fulfillment, the way people play the financial game must change. If you want to have a fulfilled future and inspired lifestyle, here are a few of my suggestions that are expanded upon in my book:

  • Create a Wealth Account You Do Not Touch. At least 10% of your gross income should go straight into this account each month, preferably at another bank than your normal checking account.
  • Focus First on Education, Then Investing. Most people jump right into investing in anything, without giving it so much as a second thought. Even if your financial advisor encourages you to invest, spend some time educating yourself on the pros and cons first.
  • Don’t Stretch Today and End Up Hurting Tomorrow. We all want to keep up with the Joneses, and as a result we buy a little too much house, a nicer car than we need, or more food and clothes than one person should have. As a result, when we need to put money in our wealth account, we simply don’t because we stretched ourselves too thin.
  • Become the Captain of Your Destiny. Everyone assumes someone else will be there to help us out if we fall on our face. We like to hope this is true, but don’t rely on anyone other than yourself to create your ideal lifestyle. After all, if you won’t create it for yourself, who will?

We spend so much time on instant gratification and 140 character lifestyle choices that we forget that life really is long and difficult at times. Spend more time thinking long term and educating yourself now so you don’t regret it later. When you are an arthritic 80 year old greeter at Wal-Mart, you are probably going to curse all those impulse Amazon purchases you made on your smart phone!