Self Directed Investing

What is Self Directed Retirement Planning Anyways?

Most people don’t understand what self directed investing or retirement planning is, which is why so many people hand over their hard earned money to the “professionals”. Unfortunately, most of the professionals people entrust their money and livelihood to are no more than trained stock brokers or mutual fund sales representatives. They focus on selling their company’s products, not on making you wealthy. That is not the way to true wealth.

Self Directed investing and planning is altogether different. This is the type of investing that requires you to take ownership of your money and future, and cast of the shackles of the traditional investing world!


But It doesn’t mean that you fire your financial planner, CPA, or advisors!

Instead, it is up to you to find the right type of financial advisor and tax professionals who understand self directed investing so they can keep you out of trouble and on the right track!

That is exactly what we here at Self Directed Company focus on: providing unbiased and relevant information and education to help you build your own wealth empire!

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